You are very creative with your look and even do makeup and styling professionally. Please tell us a little about how you started developing your personal style and how you ended up doing it professionally.
When I was in high school I became madly infatuated with a boy who always dressed in navy blue and black. He looked like a shadow when I would see him walking in the distance, and as cheesy as it sounds I wanted to be a shadow with him. So I threw away all the colored clothing in my closet which left me with all of maybe 4 outfits. Soon afterwards everyone presumed I was a goth chick, which I had never even heard of. I always thought the goth people were dark punk rockers or something..... anyways, I soon afterwards met a beautiful uber-goth boy with long hair and scars on his arms and pierceings and fishnet shirts. He showed me the ways of Christian Death and Sisters of Mercy and Skinny Puppy and bondage (my first experience being with the laces of his 20 hole Docs) and floggers and all sorts of sin. Such is the story of how I got into the goth scene. I would get all dressed up in fantastical outfits and take pictures with my friends. I would also dressed them up, and do their make-up and hair. I always enjoyed transforming people in ways they wanted to be transformed, bringing out their dark and glamorous side. So after years of doing it for fun and practicing mostly on myself I was offered a position doing make-up at a media company, apparently because I was better at it than the make-up artist currently employed by them. So of course I took the job and have been learning to do make-up ever since :-)

You are artistic in areas besides appearance including painting and set-building. How did you get into that artistic side of what you do? What inspires you to paint? What are your favorite painting subjects?
I have always loved painting and was encouraged to pursue it as a hobby when I was younger. Later in life when I went through my teenage angst years I used it thereputically, to distract my mind. I just started doing set dressing in the last 15 months, because I had ideas for photo shoots that could not be executed without appropriate backgrounds. I don't actually build the structural parts of the sets, I paint and decorate them and have even been known to build a brick wall once :-)

What are some of your favorite fashions and fetish materials?
I have always been a sucker for comfort! My favorite materials are one's that stretch, so I can move around freely and not be worried about ripping my outfits..... when I go out to party my favorite things to wear are stretch vinyl, fishnet, vintage looking lace, hints of rubber, and lots of accessories like rings, ribbons, belts, and always spiked leather bondage collars! And it has to be TRASHY, I am not a big fan of wearing too much clothing... I like my ass to hang out or my top to be off at all times :-)

What colors has your hair been?
What colors haven't my hair been? I think I have covered the full spectrum.... I even tried to go platinum once but it turned yellow....

How did you select your body modifications? Is the bat on your back a cue to lovers on where you like to be bitten?
LOL I never would have noticed that but actually the top of my spine is my absolute favorite place to be bitten! People always think of necks and nipples when they are biting, but my back is so much more neglected and sensitive :-) I really like when someone will bite all up and down my back, it's like a massage with their teeth. It's the best. I recommend it to anyone who likes a little sensual pain :-) Anyhow, the scars on my arms were less planned then all my little creatures.... they just kind of stuck around, even though it has been a hell of a long time since I put any fresh ones on my body. At first I didn't like them, because of the negative association they had, but I love them now and if they ever fade I think I will have to replace them. They are very much a part of me, and a reflection of my past.

What types of clothing do you like best on yourself?
Trashy, trashy lingerie. Black and turquoise, sometimes red or purple. I have recently started liking latex. If you have ever worn it you will know how erotic it is to have your whole body lubed up :-) I like stockings and gloves a lot too (although I always cut the fingers off......)

What types of clothing do you like best on other people?
As far as sex appeal goes, I loooooove Deathrockers. Although I guess it is a dying breed, so it is more often than not that I end meeting people who have other fasion interests. But anyhow, I like my men androgynous and my woman to look like whores :-)